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MIDI Files

WOW!.. Now you can SAVE the songs in your computer and listen to them without being online!!

After the song(s) finish playing, in your computer open your "C" drive or the main drive, there find "Windows" folder, in windows folder find "Temporary Internet Files" folder, in that folder find the song(s) which you just finished playing, select the song(s), then copy or cut the song(s) to another location in your computer or make a new folder as "Songs", then past the song(s) there. If you use "Windows XP" then look for a folder called " My Music".

This way you can play all songs without being Online and have the song(s) on your computer forever! So start downloading,playing and burning!

What is MIDI ? Click Here

Re-Composed and performed by: Ali Reza Askani
1- Sistaniam sistani (Rostam Mirlashari)
2- Dema rawen hambala (Wali Baloch)
3- Beyao mani meere baloch (shafi Baloch)
4- Babole seere shoma bemalle (Wedding tune)
5- Beshak tao bokosh (Shafi Baloch)
6- Ma chokke balochane (Cultural song)
7- Zenda bebite enqlaab (Shafi Baloch)
8- Junge jugne padaa varna junge (Shafi Baloch)
9- Kadam kadam rawan bebai (Shafi Baloch)
10- Lailao laila beya tara bara saila (Faiz Mohd. Baloch)
11- Mardani dem kai daasht ka (Shafi Baloch)
12- Beyao moreed (Wali Baloch)
13- O' naachi beya (Wali Baloch)
14- Beyao ogge varna (Shafi Baloch)
15- Tao mana zeher bede (Wali Baloch)
16 -Ma baloche (Piano)
17- Ma baloche (web version)
18- Ma baloche (original)

Composed and performed by: Ali Reza Askani
1- Balochistan 1
2- Balochistan 2
3- Balochistan 3
4- Padaae shere balocha
5- Mana balochistan dost bitte
6- Maat mai balochistan, sar sabz mai vatan
7- Love for Balochistan
8- Hazaar katra ars pa balochistana
9- Donyae gohar mai polle balochistan
10- Gowastage yaada
11- Balochistane naachi
12- Balochistane amyene mosam
13- Balochistan goahramo chakare dele band
14- azaatiye jung
15- Shepaank
16- Vaahe vatan hoshke daar
17- Sar sabze balochistan
18- Mai soben balochistan
19- Balochistane tawaar
20- Balochistane koho talara
21- Balochistan mai borze shaan
22- Delo yaad kant balochistana
23- beyae ke balochistana abaad kanne
24- Zaheero kant mana pa balochistana
25- Baagaani kapot
26- Bahaar-"Spring"
27- Be vatan
28- Dem pa molka
29- Entezaar
30- Machaani naach
31- Menzel
32- Sarmachaar
33- Shereen "Sweet"
34- Taee yaad
35- Yaad
37- Donya (The World)
38- Daad Shaah
39- Rah Chaar
40- Doori
41- Dosti
42- Balochistan 4
43- Yak Roche
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