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WOW!.. Now you can SAVE the songs in your computer and listen to them without being online!!

After the song(s) finish playing, in your computer open your "C" drive or the main drive, there find "Windows" folder, in windows folder find "Temporary Internet Files" folder, in that folder find the song(s) which you just finished playing, select the song(s), then copy or cut the song(s) to another location in your computer or make a new folder as "Songs", then past the song(s) there. If you use "Windows XP" then look for a folder called " My Music".

This way you can play all songs without being Online and have the song(s) on your computer forever! So start downloading,playing and burning!

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Re-Composed and performed by: Ali Reza Askani
1- Tora namiparastam (Afghani music)
2- Sistaniam sistani (Rostam Mirlashari)
3- Dema rawe Hambala (Wali Baloch)
4- Ma posagge sherane ma Baloche'n
5- Babole seere'n (Balochi Wedding Song)
6- Maa chokke Balochane (Cultural song)
7- Laila'O Laila (Faiz Mohamad Baloch)
8- Junge junge (Shafi Baloch)
9- Kadam kadam rawan bebay (Shafi Baloch)
10- Bey shak tao bokosh (Shafi Baloch)
11- Beya'O mani meeren Baloch (Shafi Baloch)
12- Mardaani dem kai dasht ka (Shafi Baloch)
13- Padaa varna (Shafi Baloch)
14- Zenda bebeete inqlaab (Shafi Baloch)
15- Beya'O moreed (Wali Baloch)
16- O' naachi beya (Wali Baloch)
17- Tao mana zeher bede (Wali Baloch)
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